An Army of Generals: And so it begins…

An Army of GeneralsThe GeneralThis story is a story of Greatness; of Freedom; of a plan. It begins under a stormy sky; a sky of lightning bolts like giant electric jack rabbits skittering in and around great puffy clouds; an ominous sky full of portents where all the power that ever existed in the world appeared to be focused. Under this sky, a group of brave men gathered; , a proud, strong, coordinated and particularly focussed group. This group was known as The Generals. Each of the Generals had a goal, and that goal was of Greatness; to be a Great Man remembered by the people. Of having a statue of themselves in a city square proudly astride a great steed while pigeons settled comfortably around them, goals of having a public holiday named after them…or a chocolate bar…or, even owning their own football team and constructing the highest building in the world to house all the players of this football team. Whilst each of The General’s goals didn’t exactly fit with the goals of the other Generals and, perhaps were, shall we say, a little abstract and unclear, still, they decided to pool their resources and formulate a master plan….


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