Burlesque Horse

Burlesque HorseFrom An Army of Generals; this is what happens when you set out on a horse to conquer the world: your horse can get influenced by local culture and get ‘ideas’



The Birth of Boris Blotchavich

I know nothing about animation or the software to create it, so I used Illustrator and iMovie to make this:

The story of how one half of an ink blot sets out on the journey to became his own man…or thing…..or whatever he is…

Every Great Journey Begins with a Beginning

Every Great Journey Begins With a BeginningYet another page from the unfinished minor piece: An Army of Generals….the Generals set out to conquer….something.



An Army of Generals

An Army of GeneralsThe first drawing towards An Army of Generals – or An Army of Zombies…it could go either way.



Masters of Disguise

Masters of DisguiseAnother page from my unfinished book with the working title An Army of Generals. In this scene, the Generals, being masters of disguise, dress as cows, but, as you can see, the real cows in the background are onto them.


The Butterfly

The ButterflyAfter 6 months of concentrating on other projects, I decided to put pen to paper again last Friday and see if I could still draw. This is a character from an illustrated book I’ve been working on for some time…its not finished yet but…so far, so good. I only began drawing regularly when I came to Vietnam about 5 years ago and I never drew when I was young so, when I don’t draw for a period of time, I’m petrified I won’t know what to do when I next pick up a pen.



Stuck in a Rug

Man in Rug copy


Days like this…