The last Death Bird drawing



Death Bird in the Zucchini Tree 69cm X 82cm ink pen on paper

Death Bird in the Zucchini Tree


The Death Bird 1

Death Bird 1 smlNew ink pen drawing


The new ‘Baby’ coffee sample kit from Quan Cafe

baby cafe box


Available from Vietgirl products only in Vietnam, the new smaller box allows tourists the chance to easily take home this great Vietnamese coffee.


Burlesque Horse

Burlesque HorseFrom An Army of Generals; this is what happens when you set out on a horse to conquer the world: your horse can get influenced by local culture and get ‘ideas’



The Birth of Boris Blotchavich

I know nothing about animation or the software to create it, so I used Illustrator and iMovie to make this:

The story of how one half of an ink blot sets out on the journey to became his own man…or thing…..or whatever he is…